Hate At First Sight

13 Jun

Against all odds, you don’t expect anyone to have hatred to anyone at their first sight. It has always been love at fight sight. University students always talk about having feelings about members of the opposite gender; the only difference is that every other person they see they fall in love with them. I call these infatuations; heightened feelings that go as far as they come but it only dies out so fast that you don’t even realize it.
My first year of college and mostly the very first weeks was the girlfriend hunting spree. My friends and I went room to room in search of soul mates. After a long night of search we finally got to this room with a lady who by look of things we had all things in common. She was glued to her computer writing essays. I stood back and watched her write, her proficient in typing interested me and this feeling got into me and I surely got moved by her. This was part of her charm or so I thought. Her natural hair killed me the more and superficially she was what you would describe as an angel fallen from heaven.
I reached out to her and brought up a conversation about essay writing as I thought that would have been a common base to scratch from. We kicked off well but after a lengthy discussion and having created a rapport, we thought it would be appropriate if we knew each other more. We talked about our locality and family, you know the hobbies and any interesting stuff. I don’t know what I unnecessary comments I made but up to date I have no idea was transpired but she tells her friends that she hated me ever since. I labeled this hate at first sight.


The Good And Bad Times

5 Jun

The times spent in college will forever remain to be engraved in our hearts or better still for most of the students. Despite the rough patches and misfortunes everyone gets a share of the cake, at least the sweet one. Everyone’s predicaments are different and exclusive depends mostly on their current status. Some have emotional problems, some financial misfits others carry their families’ burden to college. But all said and I am aware of a number of problems that are common to all students, challenges that in one way or another have to be overcame and dealt with. It’s so unfortunate that most of the students don’t receive a pre-college counsel on how to deal with these problems. These misfits get the young lads by surprise, when they are not prepared and you can bear me witness it’s not easy to deal with them.

For once college in its own right is challenging. When any slave gets freedom, they tend to over enjoy it at first. Well students join college after a long period of dealing with teachers who care, where they get notes and revise questions every now and then and only study for one final exam. It’s different when you have assignments to submit, projects to carryout and no one is following you around. The whole idea of last minute rush is a great problem. Secondly money and medium of exchange as economists call it. To acquire anything you will need it and by day the costs of everything are shooting. You will find students trying to fit in full time jobs to their curriculum timetables in order to afford some of the things they require for college. It results in reduced levels of concentration in class work, failure to undertake research and consequently reduced performance.


Just another student’s morning

28 May

This video is our experimental video advertisement. It’s not meant to be perfect, but can be quite funny, especially when you realize that it was made in like half of the day. Please, bear with us!

We are Different

28 May

It is really amazing how we get along with each other despite our differences. We are diverse because of our individuality. A student might dye their hair red or yellow or even dress in a way that would seem inappropriate to other students but at the end of the day if we all were uniform in our behaviors, dressing codes and personalities life would be very boring. People; spend a lot of time watching how people behave or dress instead of looking at ourselves and correcting our own selves. We all have our own thoughts about other people but at the end of the day you can’t be them, therefore why not think about what makes you feel on top of the world, awesome and go ahead and do it and live your live?

Every individual has so much to express about themselves that the society around gets shocked and may not approve of it. I don’t mean that a person should go to the extremes just to fulfill their wishes; it’s advisable to consider the people around sometimes because if allowed to we would all walk naked around and feel good about ourselves.

People will always judge you, despite the fact that you are doing good or bad. Picking people’s differences from our own selves often leads to misinterpretation. Therefore every person should dress the way they want, act how they feel best and be whom they want to be but they should bear it in mind that the society is judging every step they make but it feels good to know that the same is happening to them. Life is short and we make it what we want it to be. Therefore live your life and feel good about yourself because you and never be the other person.

The Library

24 May

I don’t know about your campus – I may not be interested in knowing about it in any case, but in my campus it is compulsory that all new students are taken through a tour of the main and indeed common premises in campus. As you would expect, the library has to be part of such a tour. When I was in my first year and we were being taken through the tour of the library, I couldn’t help noticing the serious faces that were in the library. All I could see were focused faces either deeply immersed in their laptops doing stuff or reading books that looked really intimidating.

In my wisdom or lack of it thereof I made a mental note to be like those people sooner rather than later after settling in campus. At the time, I was working as an assistant lead essayist in a thesis writing services company that also offered research paper services-though on small scale for the case of the research papers-and I must admit that my life was fairly good. Two or so weeks after the library tour I decided to go the library on my own to experience what really went on there.

I didn’t have much to do at my work place and so I had intended to spend some considerable time in the library. When I got there however, I realized that there were very few serious people in the library. The majority of students that were there had gone to read novels, watch pornographic movies or surf the internet without disturbance. I was flabbergasted because that is the last thing I had expected. As you should know by now, there is an exception to every rule and there was a small group of students in serious study in the library. From that day henceforth I decided never to go the library unless I couldn’t totally help it.

Creativity in writing

11 Apr

Students always show or demonstrate their writing prowess in essay writing.They have the freedom to express themselves and this usually portrays how creative one is. There has been writing competitions in universities and colleges, where the best students are awarded with money or other valuables. They are given the same topic on which to write on and their essays are marked by an independent body which award marks in a genuine way.

A lot of students participate, especially those taking art related course but only the best are chosen. Creative writing depends on one’s ability to have a creative mind, the high spirited student have higher chances of being creative than the average students. Expression of ideas is not only done through the word of mouth, but also through written word. As a matter of fact, writing is a talent since not everyone can be able to write something appealing to the people. Students who are involved in writing have higher chances of being journalists and precisely tabloids writers which are more appealing to people than the rest of the columns. Students also take writing as a source of getting an income, they do online writing which provide them with some amount of cash and this greatly helps them in coping with university life. They also become independent money wise and this helps reduce cases of theft and other social vices practiced in order to obtain cash.

Writing helps relax student’s minds in such a good way. As they express themselves, they let out what is in their minds and this helps in reducing stress. Creative writing should be encouraged in colleges as it is one way of learning. Writing competitions also need to be taken seriously as they can take students to greater heights. Each and every student should be given an opportunity to show what he or she is good at.

Keeping Yourself Happy

14 Jul

I attended my lower school classes at an institution where the saying ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ was a mere formality. Instead, we were bundled up with loads of schoolwork and assignments that made us literally forget about ourselves. Now I’m over that experience, but I can’t help noticing a recurrence of that whole situation when the middle-aged adults, especially among the working class, according to their own will are overworking themselves to that same point of forgetting how important they really are, over anything else actually.

I recently got a chance to speak to a close friend of mine. She has made a great career for in writing services niche of business, specializing in writing essays for college and university students. Like many other women of her age, she felt that she was committing herself to so many tasks, way more than she could handle.

Managing her business all by herself was proving strenuous and when she developed backaches and migraines, she knew it was time to seek professional help. I met her at yoga class where she had been learning how to relax and gain composure after a long day’s work.

“I knew an essay writing service was where I could make a good career; I’ve always loved writing ever since I was a kid and I was afraid I would lose all that if I hadn’t come to my senses in time”

She went on to tell me the basics of having a normal happy life, some of which I didn’t even bother to notice of how important they really are! First on the list was sleeping. Well I sleep a lot, but there are those who just can’t fall asleep when they want to. Or if they do, it’s just a short, restless night. The solution to this problem is to establish a consistent sleeping pattern, checking what you eat just before bedtime and avoiding distraction during sleeping hours like light and noise.

Next were the eating habits. She pointed out that one should make sure to take enough food according to the correct proportions of nutrients to keep the body and the brain functioning at their best.

With all that in mind, she added that it is extremely important for one to find things that make him or her happy and do them quite often and be sure to create some free time for them. These may be taking a long walk, going for to the movies or vacation swimming and many more. That’s the secret.