The Library

24 May

I don’t know about your campus – I may not be interested in knowing about it in any case, but in my campus it is compulsory that all new students are taken through a tour of the main and indeed common premises in campus. As you would expect, the library has to be part of such a tour. When I was in my first year and we were being taken through the tour of the library, I couldn’t help noticing the serious faces that were in the library. All I could see were focused faces either deeply immersed in their laptops doing stuff or reading books that looked really intimidating.

In my wisdom or lack of it thereof I made a mental note to be like those people sooner rather than later after settling in campus. At the time, I was working as an assistant lead essayist in a thesis writing services company that also offered research paper services-though on small scale for the case of the research papers-and I must admit that my life was fairly good. Two or so weeks after the library tour I decided to go the library on my own to experience what really went on there.

I didn’t have much to do at my work place and so I had intended to spend some considerable time in the library. When I got there however, I realized that there were very few serious people in the library. The majority of students that were there had gone to read novels, watch pornographic movies or surf the internet without disturbance. I was flabbergasted because that is the last thing I had expected. As you should know by now, there is an exception to every rule and there was a small group of students in serious study in the library. From that day henceforth I decided never to go the library unless I couldn’t totally help it.


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