The Good And Bad Times

5 Jun

The times spent in college will forever remain to be engraved in our hearts or better still for most of the students. Despite the rough patches and misfortunes everyone gets a share of the cake, at least the sweet one. Everyone’s predicaments are different and exclusive depends mostly on their current status. Some have emotional problems, some financial misfits others carry their families’ burden to college. But all said and I am aware of a number of problems that are common to all students, challenges that in one way or another have to be overcame and dealt with. It’s so unfortunate that most of the students don’t receive a pre-college counsel on how to deal with these problems. These misfits get the young lads by surprise, when they are not prepared and you can bear me witness it’s not easy to deal with them.

For once college in its own right is challenging. When any slave gets freedom, they tend to over enjoy it at first. Well students join college after a long period of dealing with teachers who care, where they get notes and revise questions every now and then and only study for one final exam. It’s different when you have assignments to submit, projects to carryout and no one is following you around. The whole idea of last minute rush is a great problem. Secondly money and medium of exchange as economists call it. To acquire anything you will need it and by day the costs of everything are shooting. You will find students trying to fit in full time jobs to their curriculum timetables in order to afford some of the things they require for college. It results in reduced levels of concentration in class work, failure to undertake research and consequently reduced performance.


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