We are Different

28 May

It is really amazing how we get along with each other despite our differences. We are diverse because of our individuality. A student might dye their hair red or yellow or even dress in a way that would seem inappropriate to other students but at the end of the day if we all were uniform in our behaviors, dressing codes and personalities life would be very boring. People; spend a lot of time watching how people behave or dress instead of looking at ourselves and correcting our own selves. We all have our own thoughts about other people but at the end of the day you can’t be them, therefore why not think about what makes you feel on top of the world, awesome and go ahead and do it and live your live?

Every individual has so much to express about themselves that the society around gets shocked and may not approve of it. I don’t mean that a person should go to the extremes just to fulfill their wishes; it’s advisable to consider the people around sometimes because if allowed to we would all walk naked around and feel good about ourselves.

People will always judge you, despite the fact that you are doing good or bad. Picking people’s differences from our own selves often leads to misinterpretation. Therefore every person should dress the way they want, act how they feel best and be whom they want to be but they should bear it in mind that the society is judging every step they make but it feels good to know that the same is happening to them. Life is short and we make it what we want it to be. Therefore live your life and feel good about yourself because you and never be the other person.


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